Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pray for Job Help

Two anonymous prayer requests came in regarding jobs. In these difficult times, I'm sure there are many like them who could use our prayers.
I just had a job interview the other day that went horribly wrong in some parts and beautifully in others. Please pray for a favourable outcome and if God doesn't want me to have this job please pray that he guides me to the one he wants me to have SOON! Thank you.

And the second one:

please pray for my husband to be recalled to work SOON!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pray for Reconciliation

Bianca has the following prayer request:
Please pray for me that a reconciliation take place between me and Brad. We had a misunderstanding a huge one that was my fault. I pray that he forgives me.

Pray for Successful Job Interview

Rachael has the following prayer request:

Please pray that I will get the new job I applied for. My current work situation is not healthy and I was given a lead on a job opening for a Journalizer in the Reporter's Office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I got called for a second interview and learned that they are now in the decision making process. It's between me and another candidate for the job. I would really appreciate your prayers that I am offered this position. Thank you!