Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ACT Went Well

On his site, PBXVI has posted a Thank You for people who prayed for him the day of his test.
A Big "Thank You!"...
To all those who prayed for me as I took the ACT test. I won't know what my scores are for a couple of weeks, and then I'll know how I did. I felt like the first half went well, while the second half was quite challenging. However, I'm sure that God's Will will be accomplished no matter what the outcome. I hope I can get into seminary this fall though (*hint*! Hey did you hear that???).
God Bless!

Even if his scores aren't tops (and I'm sure they'll be fine) the prayers were answered, because he feels confident in his accomplishment. And Good Luck with the seminary PBXVI!

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PBXVI said...

How nice Christine! Thank you so much! God Bless!