Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Called Home Quickly

Last week Anne K posted about the Heart Attack the husband of her friend had. Harry died on Friday, after being declared brain dead. It all happened very suddenly, which although difficult for his wife, Dorothy, was also a blessing, in that he did not suffer long or linger in a non-responsive state for an extended period.

Harry had suffered from various health problems over the years and dying quickly after all of that was really a blessing.

The biggest blessing though, was that the day before his heart attack was what his wife considers a wonderful day - a day to remember. They had gone out and done things. They had made happy memories.

As much as Dorothy will miss her husband, she has the comfort of knowing that their last day together was spent in a way she wouldn't change. She'll have no regrets. And the quick ending means that she won't have to replace those happy memories with memories of weeks or months spent watching her husband suffer in an intensive care ward.

Thank you God for the blessings you bestow on us even when we're not aware of them.

And we offer prayers for the repose of Harry's soul, and for Dorothy as she navigates the Holiday season while dealing with her grief.

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