Monday, March 8, 2010

Pray for Peace Between Friends

The following prayer request was left in the comments:
I pray, and if you who are reading could please pray with me, that one day soon,a person who was my best friend for many years will come back and the spirit of unforgiveness and jealousy will leave her heart and that we can be reconciled and enjoy the friendship that we had in the past. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pray for Healing

Theresa left the following prayer request:
Please add your prayers for continued healing for my son & his girlfriend & their baby, to continue to grow together, work through their problems and to rebuild their life. All of the shared prayers have brought them safely this far and I pray for them to continue on with HIS light guiding them along their way.

I give thanks daily for the strength, courage, friends, family & faith that I have, they are such a beautiful thing in my life.

Pray for Strength

The following anonymous prayer request was made in the comments:
Please pray for me and my family as we struggle with job loss. I have come back to the Church and wish only to take care of my family and let God do with me what He wills and that the Holy Spirit and Our Lady strengthen me to not falter. I have been devastated more so and have renewed gratitude for how He has helped me in the past and that when present difficulties lift I may keep Him uppermost in my mind.

Updates on our friends - sorry to be so late!

Our friends: Bob, who had a brain tumor, and Brian, who had major neck surgery are both responding well to therapy. We have no idea how much they'll recover, but they're both able to walk, with assistance, and can care for themselves to a degree.
God has blessed them!

NOTE TO Christine M: is the MSP Group still meeting?