Friday, August 14, 2009

RIP Ryan - and Prayers for a Special Family

I was heartbroken to turn on the computer this afternoon and discover that Mary Ellen Barrett's fourteen-year-old son Ryan had disappeared while on a father-son camping trip.

I was devastated to learn a short while later that Ryan had drowned.

Please pray for the repose of Ryan's soul and for this very special family in their time of sorrow.

And go hug your kids.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pray for Easing of Various Problems

Rafaelle left the following prayer request in the comments:

I am asking for prayers that firstly, I get out of this financial stress, that has befallen me due to some mean-spirited people who used the tax department and other means to create strife and stress in my partner's and my life. It eventually lead to our break up; and everytime it looked like we were going to find some way to sort out things and get back together, these few people cast more stones and of late, told my partner that I had turned him into Child Services, which is outrageous considering his is the finest father I know and his son is extraordinary. Rafa thought I might have done this out of hurt for not seeing him or his son after the split, but it is simply not even a consideration, as I will do anything for these 2 fine men. Also hurt and doubt have come to his family about me, as these other people have spun such a web of nonsense. The people are an ex-wife, and ex-girlfriend, a secretary and a person who is insanely jealous of me, and combined they have conspired to split Rafa and I and have been successful. It was so highly organised and they played on weaknesses, call the tax authority, called immigration, called and wrote my employers and people in his office and said gastly things. It all became too much. Unfortunately I am still as is he dealing w/ the fallout and the tax department have gone bloody mad when there is nothing to find. Our accounts have been frozen and has nearly rendered me homeless. Rafa has sold every property he owns and I even borrowed money for cat food...I am extremely hurt and tired. I miss Rafael, his son and his family. I love him and considering what was done, I do not blame him at all understand how he responded. However, there is a greater good and a truth and I ask Dear God that he learns it; as he will not talk or listen to any of my close friends and I don't think they should get involved as he must realise that I love him unconditionally and I would never do such things...and that we can overcome this and he should not be afraid to come back and rekindle, rebuild and celebrate the great love we shared as a family. God please give me strength to come up w/ the money in the few days for my rent, and to have strength to compile the remaining docs for the tax office and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I miss the only true and loving family I know. I understand Rafael's fear but please let him know he has nothing to fear in me. He was an amazing partner. I could not complain. His family are wonderful. Please pray that ego and pride wash away and that he comes home to me. Please help dear God and if all could pray for us and protect us from these people and ask they get their own life, so as to not wish to dismantle and leverage off of ours. We need everyone's prayers, thank you in advance. Amen

Pray for Personal Help

Mary left the following prayer request:

I'm begging for prayers for my boyfriend and best friend M, who has been struggling through a personal crisis and is considering ending our relationship. I've asked for forgiveness for the times I had been selfish and impatient or taken him for granted, and am desperate to find a way to heal our relationship. If you would, please ask Jesus and St. Jude to bless both of us and to help us mend what is broken so that we can be the light and the inspiration to each other that we used to be. I pray that we can go forward thanking Jesus everyday for each other and the incredible gift of love He has given, if it is his will. In Jesus' name. Thank you for your prayers. God bless.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prayer is Working

Anne F. left the following in comments:
I left my first request for a healing of my relationship with FC at the beginning of June, 2009. One week later there were some signs that our friendship was beginning to heal, and I gave thanks but requested further support. On July 24th our friendship began to be restored to its original joy. We continue to correspond daily now, and there are more and more signs that we will have a complete healing. I give thanks to you all and thanks to God for this change of heart in both of us. Reconciliation and renewal is the essence of Christ's teaching. Please pray with me that our healing continues as our love in friendship continues to grow. Please remove any lingering doubts or fears or lack of trust, for in God is our only trust...and He is eternally faithful. Thank you all.
Prayers work! Keep it up!

Pray for Job Success

The following prayer request was left last week (I'm sorry it didn't get posted in a more timely fashion)
Hello, I was searching for a prayer group or prayers I could say for my husband who is at the moment on his way to an interview. It has been a hard year for him and a year without a job and this is his first real interview with a company. please pray for him , he needs this job, we need it. May the Lord guide him and make him a a success. Amen!

Pray for Reconciliation

The following prayer request was left in the comments:
I need your prayers - I need help. Please pray for the reconcilation of my husband and myself before we get divorced. The story is a very long and sad one - too long to post. I'm just asking for prayers to get us back together. Everyone including his family and friends think we were a match made in heaven and should be back together. It's been over a year since he left me. We had plans on trying again at one point but he changed his mind at the last minute. Even though he feels and said divine intervention brought us together 14 years ago and divine intervention signs caused him want to come back again, he suddenly ignored this and walked away again. He's moving towards divorce. Please bring him back to me as we are soul mates. I love him unconditionally - he completes me and is the other half of me. His mom who passed on always said I was the best thing that ever happened to him. I don't want him to realize this when it's too late. Thank you all in advance for your prayers. God Bless.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Prayer Request for the Repose of the Soul of Lucilla Lee

My good friend's mother in law just passed away. Please say a prayer for the repose of her soul. She also requested that we pray for her father in law Hen Yan. Please keep him and all the family in your prayers.

Thank you so much.