Saturday, September 29, 2007

Prayer for Reconciliation

Denise has a special prayer request:

Hi prayer friends,

I have a special prayer intention for reconciliation with a person I had a terrible misunderstanding with resulting in a falling out well over a year ago. I have tried several times to reconcile to no avail ): I have felt very moved (by heaven?) lately to try to make way for forgiveness and peace and have made contact with the person, whom unfortunately doesn't seem willing to respond to any peace effort. And so I submit my heartfelt request that this important prayer is granted, and my plea to others to pray for reconciliation and peace between I and this special person, whom I would like very much to call "friend" again. I truly pray they can be receptive to some conciliatory motions and we will soon find ourselves at peace.

Thank you all so much! Thank you for this wonderful blog.
God bless,

Prayers for a Grandmother

Jennifer sent an e-mail requesting prayers for her grandmother:

My grandmother had lung cancer sometime around the year 2000. She came out of it against all odds and has been fine until the last few months when her symptoms returned. She is exhausted, nauseated and dizzy all the time. Her chest has been hurting and she's had a difficult time breathing. She has been too scared to go to the doctor, but my mom made an appointment for her and is going to "drag" her in if she has to.

I am really worried because my grandmother pretty much holds our family together. My uncle (who is in his 50's and has liver disease) even LIVES with her. She takes care of everything and everyone and we are all so incredibly scared we might lose her. I just want her to be taken care of the way she has always taken care of us...

While I was talking to her on the phone tonight, she told me that she's scared and feeling so bad all the time. So, I told her about you guys and about the amazing results our prayers have made together over the years. I told her I'd go straight to my computer and post a special request just for her--that her body be healed and that her mind be at ease. She needs all the prayers she can get. Her name is Nancy Peake and she sees the oncologist this coming Monday. Thank you all so very much as always!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Prayer Request for Kendra - Update

Tracy has posted an update on her daughter Thank you God!

More Prayers Needed for Kendra - Tracy's Simple Life Blog

Please keep Tracy's daughter in your prayers.

Please pray

Please pray for:
-Virginia whose son died in Iraq and was 8 days away from coming home to Hawaii.
-Louise Moore who died yesterday and for her family who is in mourning.

My Musing

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Prayer Request from a Friend

This request came from one of my friends:
I have a huge favor to ask of you and the other ladies. Would you all be so kind as to pray for the husband of a dear friend of mine? Rich Zimmerman is having surgery on October 25 to remove a kidney which appears to have some sort of growth on it. Please pray for an uneventful surgery and speedy recovery.

My love to everyone and please stay in touch.

Hugs & prayers,


Prayer Request - For My Brother Bobby

For his personal intentions regarding his son. Thank you!

Adoption Prayer

Please say a special prayer today on the feast of St. Vincent that a local family will soon be with the son they are trying to adopt from Central America. They have been waiting 17 long months now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A homeschool family if eight needs help!

On Saturday afternoon September 22 some cowardly, ignorant vandals waited until a mother and her six children left the house to go grocery shopping
The oldest child is aged 12 and the youngest 2 years.

They then broke in and showed their character by working to destroy the interior of the house.

They spray painted cupboards and appliances with obscenities.

Using a pickaxe they ruined the vinyl floors.

They dumped paint from the upstairs children’s bedroom that was being repainted and streamed it throughout the house.

They used a pellet gun to shoot out most of the windows from the inside.

They smashed the commodes and sinks in the bathrooms.

They used a pick to damage the refrigerators and the washers and dryers.

Every major appliance in the house was damaged. They even threw the heavy food mixer from the kitchen down the basement steps.

They not only pulled out all drawers and dumped them, but then stomped on them for their total destruction.

They broke every ceiling fan off, broke every mirror and overturned every piece of furniture after slashing and spray painting most of the pieces.

Of course they stole the small valuables of the family, but they must have been very disappointed with the utter lack of luxury items to steal.

Please call the Police Dept of the City of New Franklin Ohio if you have information regarding this vandalism.

These individuals must be caught by the police. Their actions show that this is not a childish act, but the sign of seriously disturbed individuals with dangerous anti-social tendencies. Calls to the police may be made anonymously. A donor has posted a $500 reward to the person who supplies the information that leads to the arrest of these perpetrators. The number of the New Franklin Police is 330.882.3281.

See the damage to their home on YouTube at the above link.

Also via my e-mail - a plea for help for this family and a little more about them:

Please tell your friends or ANYONE you want to about the following tragic situation. All of this information can be verified at the following website: There is a homeschool family of 6 children who are very private people and live far off the road. They have been the victims of what the police have said is the “worst vandalism of a residence” they have ever seen. Paint was poured everywhere. Obscenities were painted on the walls. Every single thing was either stolen or destroyed from their house. The police suspect 3-4 vandals to do so much damage. Every window was shot out. The fireplace was partially ripped from the wall. Their homeschool books were thrown and painted upon, beds were turned upside down and destroyed or painted, toys were destroyed. Interestingly, though, none of the religious statues or their First Holy Communion dresses for 2 of the girls were damaged in any way! The damage is so great (even the appliances that were left behind were destroyed) that this family is living in a hotel. They do have insurance, however, their need is immediate as they were robbed of thousands of dollars. They have to pay cash for everything as their identities are stolen.
This family is a great supporter of the Right to Life issues and this family is the daughter of Summit County Right to Life's president, Don Opphile. The Swiger family have a 1 year old son, and the other 5 children are all girls, the oldest is 12. They have tried to shield their children from the horror of this and would appreciate respect in this area. They do not want their children’s names in the public, however, any school books K – 6 could be donated to give the children something to do. The house will take at least 3 weeks to become livable, so they cannot take any large item donations. What they need the most is Cash, Gas Cards, or Gift Certificates for food or Target or Walmart. Their story will most likely make the local news channels. Their only hope is that someone will brag about the vandalism and therefore someone will turn them in- especially if they realize the extent of the damage they have done to this family’s life.

I truly hope that we can gather together and be a tremendous Christian witness to this family during this terrible time. May our Lord bring them closer to Jesus through all of this tragedy. Please contact Laura Frank with any question or donations ASAP. Thank you for your prayerful consideration. My number is 330-837-8002 or my e-mail is

A Prayer of Thanksgiving...

A prayer of thanksgiving to Almighty God for all His works are wonderful... My husband Michael is home from the hospital as of this past Monday, after spending three days there, and is feeling better than ever! After receiving four units of blood and receiving treatment for the ulcers that were causing his internal bleeding, he and I are most grateful to God and to Our Blessed Mother for all help received ~ many prayers answered... Sometimes we put off what we know we need to do so as not to cause worry to those we love; Mike is famous for doing this. However, God, in His mercy, has seen to it that the problems were taken care of in time! :) Thank-You, Lord, for Your kindness to my family! Thank-You, o Mary, for Your loving Motherhood! Thank-you, to all the Angels and Saints who prayed for my husband! And thank-you to all of my Sisters in Christ who did likewise! God bless us, everyone! ~ Amen.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Important Prayer Request from Jean

Can you please pray for this request from Jean as soon as possible? Thank you.
" Would you please pray for a full - time job for my husband Bill who has been laid off for seven months now? We have exhausted our savings and have no health insurance and do not have the money to make our house payment next month. We are putting all our trust in God, but are also in need of your prayer support at this time. Bill has had many interviews recently, but no job offers yet. Thank you and God bless you!"


Jenn's Husband is Better

Jenn shared this news: Her husband is 110% back to his old self. Thanks for all the prayers.

Prayer for a Young Mom Who Died Giving Birth

Tracy shares the following:
A man that used to work with my husband lost his daughter two days ago.

She was giving birth to her second child and gave birth to a little girl, but she had a blood clot that the doctors didn't know about.. and she "the mommy" died. She was 29 years old and a wife and momma with a boy and now a new little girl.

I can't believe it, what sad news, she gave life and lost her own life... her little baby girl will never know her mommy.

Please pray for the family of Milissa Marie Hartsoch, this has got to be so difficult for her husband and her parents and siblings.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Prayer Request

I recieved this in a email, please pray for her and her family.

It's a girl!
We do have some concerns with the ultrasound though. It looks like she might have a cleft lip. We are pretty devastated with this news as we know what lies ahead for us and Little Girl! We've been through this condition before- most of you know, (name removed), our first born has a cleft as well. (name removed)'s is submucosal meaning it is not visible. Her upper palate underneath the skin is not formed correctly and is weaker than the average person. To look at her you'd never know, but it has caused a great deal of speech issues, ear infections, ear tubes, etc. It's been a long road, but SHE is doing great, still in speech, and has just blossomed this year!

The type of cleft (name removed) has- "partial cleft" is really rare. Lots of kids affected by this have a full cleft and palate-it's the most common type of cleft. We will not know whether or not this Little Girl will have a cleft palate as well until her she is born. The doctor did see the lip at 20 weeks via ultrasound and we will do a 3D on November 5th to see if we can view the extent the cleft. It is more rare to only have the cleft lip, but we are hoping and praying that she will only have a cleft lip, this would eliminate any speech and feeding problems and would be a one - two surgery fix and a scar. It is our hope that because the cleft (name removed) has is "rare" that this little one will also have the "rare" cleft.

If the cleft involves the palate, then we are looking at many, many surgeries over the years- 10-20 surgeries. We know that her first surgery will be around 6-10 weeks depending on how she gains weight. We will soon be visiting Cleft clinics here to interview the surgeons and palate teams.

We still hold out hope they are wrong and we are praying for a miracle. The Dr. said he saw it but was unable to show us due to baby not cooperating and sucking her thumb and fingers. Please pray that when we have our next ultrasound that it is not there or I am also praying that it is just the lip and not lip and palate.

Thanks for all your prayers in advance!

Saint Anthony, Performer of Miracles
Dear St. Anthony, your prayers obtained miracles during your lifetime. You still seem to move at ease in the realm of minor and major miracles. St. Anthony, Performer of Miracles, please obtain for me the blessings God holds in reserve who serve Him. Pray that I may be worthy of the promises my Lord Jesus attaches to confident prayer.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Update: Prayer Request for Lois

Lois' husband told me the surgery went well. Lois is now trying to recuperate at home.

He thanks everyone for their prayers.

Please keep my friend Lois in your prayers, especially on September 20th when she undergoes surgery to remove her thyroid.

Mahalo and God bless,

God is Good

Sonia is waiting for what could be a particularly difficult diagnosis, but that doesn't stop her from seeing the good work that God does. She sent this e-mail to friends, and gave me permission to post it here.

I have been down this path with so many of my family that I wonder if I will have the strength to do it one more time, for myself. I do not know the outcome of the tests I had today but whatever it is I know I am beginning another facet of my life journey, one I would rather have not taken, but one that is scary and frightening, no matter how much faith you have.

After saying that let me share what has happened since I got this news on Tuesday. My God has already begun the miracle process with my family: my sisters have all called and told me how much they love me and are praying for me, my brother, who finds it hard to express his feelings has told me he is here for me in whatever way I need him. WOW God is good. My one sister who lost her daughter to cancer and whose son committed suicide last year, called me tonight and said she went to church for me today and lit a candle before the blessed mother and had a "long" talk with God. I don't think she has been inside a church except for funerals and weddings, in years, so miracles are happening in my family, and if this disease is the reason then I know I will handle whatever lies ahead knowing that my God is my Lord and Saviour, and that he is there walking with me every step of this journey.

I thank you for your prayers and love, keep them coming, they mean a lot to me. To know so many people are praying for me is like standing before the throne of grace and being bathed in the love of God.

Someone said to me today, "Sonia, all I can do is pray for you", and I told her "that is the greatest thing you can do for me". I mean that, the greatest gift right now is the gift of prayer. thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers for me.

In His love always, Sonia.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Prayer for Jenn's Husband

In an e-mail Jenn requested prayers for her husband (Jenn, I hope you don't mind that I posted this here):

I have just returned from the hospital, after leaving my husband there with a blood transfusion and I wanted to ask for your prayers...

He has been feeling weak, dizzy and tired ~ more like exhausted ~ for over a week now and I finally was able to get him to the doctor. As it turns out, his hemoglobin is VERY low, and he had to have three units of blood tonight.

Right now he is in the ICU but there is a good chance that he will be moved tomorrow or Sunday as long as his count stays stable.

They are also going to do an upper GI (seeing if his ulcers are back) and some tests on his kidneys.

So, please keep him in your prayers this weekend as you pray @ Holy Mass...Jenn.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thanksgiving for Prayers Answered

I want to say thank you for the blessing of answered prayers.

My great-aunt just moved into an independent-retired-living apartment. Peace of mind for her and our family, since she no longer has to deal with home maintenance, snow removal, lawn care or other things--and there are other benefits as well. The sale of her house had a number of bumps in the road and we thought she might dig in her heels and decide to stay in a place that was becoming a burden to her.

Jim is doing better, is out of CCU and should be home by the end of the week. For the first time in 2 weeks he has walked on his own.

Thanks be to God!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pray for Sonia

Please pray for my dear friend Sonia. She has just learned that she has a mass on her adrenal gland which is highly suspicious for malignancy. Sonia has had too much Cancer in her family. Lord please hold Sonia in the palm of your hand. Protect and heal her.

Pray for our friend Rhoda

Rhoda went through surgery and treatment for cancer several years ago - but the doctors recently saw some nodules they're concerned about. Her husband Chris is a basket case - he also went through his own cancer treatments many years ago. She is a long-time convert to the Greek Orthodox Church and a woman of deep faith in God. Please pray for her healing and for strength for both of them. We live 3 hours away from each other...and can't just pop over, so it's hard on all of us as she waits to find out more.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Alex update

Alex (my son) is feeling much better now, thank you for all of your prayers!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our Neighbor is Home

All the prayers must have helped. Our neighbor is home from the hospital - and although she needs antibiotic injections for several weeks, she is at least home. Praise God.

Prayer Requests - Update on My Grandmother

Updated: My mom called us early this morning to let us know my dear grandmother Juanita had passed away after 7 long months of suffering. I am comforted to know she died on a Sunday. Please pray for the repose of her soul.

Dear Friends:

I would ask that you pray for my uncle Manny who will be having heart surgery on Monday.

My grandmother Juanita who is in hospice now and in a lot of pain.

My friend Lois who will be undergoing surgery on Thursday.

BTW, even though I don't comment on every request, the OCB prayer requests are remembered during daily Mass.

God bless,

On My Heart Today

A while back I requested prayers for Jim who had surgery for a brain tumor.

While the surgery was successful, Jim did suffer complications after returning home and has been back in the hospital for more than a week.

Please continue to keep him, his wife (whose health is also not good), their son (being treated for skin cancer) and their daughter-in-law (just diagnosed with breast cancer) in prayers.

Also on my heart is a cyber-buddy of mine who lives in Florida and who had complications during surgery a few weeks ago. She's still in ICU.

Finally, my parish is one of many in our area what are awaiting news of reorganization (mergers, etc) that will be announced next week. Please pray for all the priests and parishioners involved, that we will have the grace to accept the new situation with love for Christ, the Church and our fellow faithful.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pray for Laura

Prayer to Saint Gerard
Great Saint Gerard, beloved servant of Jesus Christ, perfect imitator of our meek and humble Savior, and devoted child of the Mother of God, enkindle in my heart one spark of that heavenly of charity which glowed in yours and made you a seraph of love. Glorious Saint Gerard, because, like your Divine Master, you bore without murmur or complaint the calumnies of wicked men when falsely accused of crime, you have been raised up by God as the patron and protector of expectant mothers. Preserve me in the dangers of motherhood, and shield the child I now bear, that it may be brought safely to the light of day and receive the sacrament of baptism.

Please Pray for Laura and her baby. Read more here and here.

Prayer Request - For the People of Zimbabwe

Shared by Sue Cifelli

Zimbabwe families forced to beg for scraps
Pathetic, wizened babies lay in the arms of mothers who turned away, almost guiltily, as I approached.

"It's just that I can't find the food that will make my baby grow", said the mother of an 18-month-old boy who weighed just 11lb (5kg).

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alex has a cold

Hi ladies (and gents) :)

My son Alexander, who's 2½ yrs old, has had a fever off and on, and a cold, since this past Wednesday. Please pray he feels better real soon. He's napped ALL morning, and it's almost lunch time.

Thank you.

God bless,

Please pray for conversion

Glory and praise to our God!
Please pray for the conversion of "M" and "J"
who are drug addicts.
Posted a prayer for conversion on my blog.
Thanks to all,

Prayer Request - Joining in Jean's Intercessory Prayers

Please pray for the intentions found at Jean's Blog

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Answered Prayer

Under Prayer for a Crochet answer, PTL!
My friend had her tests come back negative! I like to think it's answered prayer, though others are attributing it to a glitch on the machinery doing the test :>)

Prayers for Victims of Car Accident

The following prayer request has been made by an anonymous reader:
Please pray for my sister-in-law Sita Mahipat who was involved in an auto accident and is now hospitalized at St. Michael's in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Since Labor Day she has been on a ventilator, breathing tubes with several broken bones and now has some pneumonia and is still unconscious. Her sister was killed in the accident and my brother Claude has been upgraded and is doing better. Claude only suffered a broken hip and ankle and is home now. Please pray for both a speedy recovery. Thank-you, we appreciate the prayers.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Prayer Request for Barb

I hope you don't mind that I post your prayer request here Barb:

Barb's Prayer Request


Praying for knee protection worked, in the comments on her blog Rosemary says:
Thank you all so much for your prayers. He did play and without pain, no limp, etc. He ran for THREE touchdowns (although two were called back because of penalties) He played another excellent game and thanks be to God... no injury. Thank you again for praying.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Prayer for Healing

Melissa, a mutual friend of Easter's and mine shared this prayer for my friend Lois. I thought it was a good prayer to share with this group:

Lord, You invite all who are burdened to come to you. Allow Your healing Hand to heal NAME OF PERSON IN NEED OF PRAYER. Touch his/her soul with Your compassion for others; touch his/her heart with Your courage and infinite Love for all; touch his/her mind with Your Wisdom, and may his/her mouth always proclaim Your praise. Teach his/her to reach out to You in all his/her needs, and help his/her to lead others to You by his/her example.

Most loving Heart of Jesus, bring his/her health in body and spirit that he/she may serve You with all his/her strength. Touch gently his/her life which you have created, now and forever.

Prayer for a Little Knee Protection

Rosemary at A Catholic Mother's Thoughts has a prayer request on her blog regarding her son's knee and a football game. You can read her post for the background. This is her prayer:
May the Lord protect his knee. If he can play safely, may he be able to play. If he does play may he be protected from further injury to this vulnerable spot. May the Lord give him wisdom about what is the right thing to do. (I told him to not be a hero. If he plays and gets hurt worse he's not doing his team any favor. I also warned about long term consequences of an injury. He agreed) Oh Lord, may he play only if he can do so safely....

Hope-fully Better Soon

Sister Judith over at Hope-full Signs took a tumble and broke her right arm at her shoulder. She can't really type right now, and probably won't be able to for several weeks. So in addition to a saying a prayer for her, how about heading over to her site and letting her know we care.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nine Days Of Prayer

Nine Days Of Prayer


Under: Prayer for a crochet friend, Prayer for a neighbor, I've posted an update.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Prayers for Holiness and a Job

A reader has left a prayer request for us:

Please pray for my family, that we all grow in holiness. Please pray especially for my husband Bob, who lost his job 3 days ago.

Job loss is stressful on an entire family, prayers that this experience helps bring the family closer to God and each other.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Does Anyone Know How To Do This?

Do any of you know how to generate one of those buttons with the pretty graphics that someone can put on their own blog, and will lead people here?

Thanks Esther - We now have our very own button. Now, if I could just figure out how to post the code for it, we'd be in shape (I tried and got an error message - Esther any suggestions?)

For Religious Education Teachers Everywhere

Denise from Ohio has a prayer request:
We really need prayers for our beginning season of our parish school of religion. I am the coordinator, and I help oversee two parish programs. One of them is strong, one of them needs a lot of work. The one that needs work, also needs prayers for some of the newer teachers on board this year. I had a phone call this morning from one such teacher who is very, very nervous about teaching, but yet, I know her heart and mind are in the right place. Please pray for the graces needed for her and the other teachers as they begin and see through the new year of teaching the Faith to the children in their charge.

And not just in Ohio - but everywhere, we should pray for the people who are going to help guide our children in their faith.

God Be With our Neighbor

Our elderly neighbor was taken away in an ambulance last night. Please pray that God is with her and her son, in whatever lies ahead.

Updated to add: our neighbor has pneumonia, please keep her in your prayers.
Updated again: It's not pneumonia, but a serious staph infection. Keep those prayers coming.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Prayers Are Working

Elena has posted an update on her neighbor's situation. The prayers are working.
Praise God.

Prayer UPDATE: for Luciano Pavarotti - Eternal Rest Grant

grant Luciano O Lord, and May Your perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

1935 - 2007

This is a touching rendition of Panis Angelicus (with Sting).

As his condition worsens, let us pray for his recovery and that he be in peace with God:
Tenor Luciano Pavarotti, who has pancreatic cancer, was in "very serious" condition after his health deteriorated, the Italian news agency AGI reported Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Please pray for Gerry

Hi Chris,
Praise God for this blog!

Hi All, Lovely Children of God,
Please say a prayer for Gerry that she will once again experience the joy of God's embrace.
Thanks everyone!


Monday, September 3, 2007

Can You Repeat the Answer Please?

There is a story about a man who was in a flood. He climbed to the second story of his house and prayed for God to rescue him. A man in a boat came by and offered him a ride. He refused, politely, saying that God would rescue him.

The flood waters went higher and the man climbed out onto the roof. "Please God," he prayed, "rescue me." Another boat came by and offered him a ride. The man refused, insisting that God would rescue him.

The flood waters came even higher and the man clung to the peak of his roof. All the while praying for God to rescue him, and secure in the knowledge that it would happen - after all he was a very faith-filled man. A helicopter hovered over him and offered to throw him a rope. "No thanks," the man replied, "I'm waiting for God to rescue me."

Well, the flood waters went even higher and the man drowned. When he got to heaven he confronted God. "I don't understand why you didn't rescue me," he said, "I prayed faithfully, and I really believed you would come. Why did you let me down?"

"I sent you two boats and a helicopter," God replied, "what more did you want?"

God's answers aren't always what we think they will be. Remember to look back over your prayer requests and see if any of the prayers have an answer. If so, please post the answer, so we can all praise God in his goodness. Thanks.

Prayer for a crochet friend; prayer for a neighbor

A lady I know from my internet crochet site needs prayer. It's quite likely she has bladder cancer. She will be having more tests over the next weeks, so if we could please hold her up, that she would have strength and peace during this time, and strength to go through whatever treatments she will need.

Also: my young neighbor, a nurse in a NICU, is taking her toddler son to a neurologist on Friday. He may be autistic. She and her husband, also a nurse, are very upset. Pray that this doctor will have wisdom and be able to give them direction if the baby is autistic. They will need lots of peace and wisdom themselves as they go through this.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Prayers for Our Grandchild...

I am asking for prayers for my grandchild...yesterday was my 57th birthday and our son and his wife announced that they are going to have a baby! Praises be to Almighty God forever and ever!!!!!!!
Kristy said that she is just now starting to feel better from morning sickness, and we never even suspected a please pray to Our Lord, His Mother and St. Gerard that the baby and Kristy are kept safe and healthy. And pray also to St. Joseph that our son is a good provider to his family and that he is a good Catholic example to his children in all the years to come.
Thank-You, dearest God in Heaven; all Your works are wonderful...

Prayer Request for a Very Sick Two Year Old Child

This one was also shared by Sue Cifelli. BTW, she includes the person requesting the prayer, email so that we could send a message of encouragement.
Dear Prayer Warriors round the world,

Urgent prayer request needed for 2 yr old Brendon Casselli which has been battling leukemia for his 2 years of life. Doctors say 2-3 weeks to live per one of my parishioners at church as of this morning.

I am asking that everyone send their guardian angel to his bedside to say the Divine Mercy chaplet along with his guardian angel, Our Lady and all the heavenly angels and saints.

From what I have been told this morning, there is one chance left of bone marrow transplant, which he has a perfect match, but the pain will be unbearable. The parents have a tremendous faith. His father is a NYC policeman.

I ask all to join me in storming heaven for this child and family in faith that God will hear our prayers. And my you be blessed abundantly for doing so.


Jo Ann RIggio, RN

Prayer Request for Fr. Richard

This request was shared by Sue Cifelli

Dear prayer family...Urgent prayers are needed immediately for Fr. Richard F. an Exorcist, who is under severe and life threatening spiritual attack. The prayers are requested for one week during this critical time. We pray for his protection, safety and deliverance from the vicious and furious attacks of the evil one.

As always we ask that the will of the Father be done in the all powerful name of JESUS, through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Gabriel, the Healing Archangel, St. Raphael and all the holy angels and saints! Amen!
Fr. Joe Whalen's team

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Prayer Request for Joan Stromberg's Son

The following is from Maureen Wittmann

Joan Stromberg (Ecce Homo publisher) writes:

I'd like to ask for prayers for my 12 year old son, John, who was rushed to the emergency room this week with hydrocephalus. There is a lot of pressure on his skull, loss of vision, stumbling and loss of depth perception. He has about three times the amount of fluid in his brain than he is supposed to have. He will have to have brain surgery to have a shunt inserted tomorrow.

Since I've been spending most of my days at the hospital, I haven't been able to fill orders. Please be patient with me and we'll get to your order as soon as possible. Any prayers you could send our way would be greatly appreciated.

This note is from yesterday, so John's surgery is today.

Prayer Before Surgery

Loving Father, we entrust John to your care this day; guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your Name, and grant that every cause of illness be removed, John may be restored to soundness of health and learn to live in more perfect harmony with You and with those around him. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.