Sunday, September 23, 2007

God is Good

Sonia is waiting for what could be a particularly difficult diagnosis, but that doesn't stop her from seeing the good work that God does. She sent this e-mail to friends, and gave me permission to post it here.

I have been down this path with so many of my family that I wonder if I will have the strength to do it one more time, for myself. I do not know the outcome of the tests I had today but whatever it is I know I am beginning another facet of my life journey, one I would rather have not taken, but one that is scary and frightening, no matter how much faith you have.

After saying that let me share what has happened since I got this news on Tuesday. My God has already begun the miracle process with my family: my sisters have all called and told me how much they love me and are praying for me, my brother, who finds it hard to express his feelings has told me he is here for me in whatever way I need him. WOW God is good. My one sister who lost her daughter to cancer and whose son committed suicide last year, called me tonight and said she went to church for me today and lit a candle before the blessed mother and had a "long" talk with God. I don't think she has been inside a church except for funerals and weddings, in years, so miracles are happening in my family, and if this disease is the reason then I know I will handle whatever lies ahead knowing that my God is my Lord and Saviour, and that he is there walking with me every step of this journey.

I thank you for your prayers and love, keep them coming, they mean a lot to me. To know so many people are praying for me is like standing before the throne of grace and being bathed in the love of God.

Someone said to me today, "Sonia, all I can do is pray for you", and I told her "that is the greatest thing you can do for me". I mean that, the greatest gift right now is the gift of prayer. thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers for me.

In His love always, Sonia.

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