Friday, February 29, 2008

A Family in Need

I am asking all of you to read this. I just learned about this from Regina's blog.

I know this family. I have taught Peyton in his religious education classes and vacation Bible school. This boy is the sweetest, kindest boy. He is so creative and he was always eager to volunteer to help.

I know, like us, a lot of you don't have a lot of money, so I am asking that you pass this on to others, so we can find ways to help this family. If you can give, please do, there is a list of locations and more which will take donations for their family.

Of their three children, one has for sure been diagnosed, they think the middle child has it too, and the youngest is being tested.

Oregon Boy, 10, Suffering From Deadly Childhood 'Alzheimer's'

Hadley Help

This is from their website:

Unfortunately, Zavesca is a new drug, and the cost for one 100 mg pill is
$100. Our child(ren) will be taking up to three 100 mg. pills each day,
which is over $9000 per month for one child. Currently, our insurance has
agreed to cover half of the cost for a one year period, after which time, they
will review the progress of the drug, and either approve or deny further

There are times when news can hit you so hard you are nothing but overwhelmed by emotion. These are really good people, really good kids. Please, pray... pray hard.


St. Gerard, who, like the Savior, loved children so tenderly and by your prayers freed many from disease and even death, listen to us who are pleading for these sick children. We thank God for the great gift of these children and ask Him to restore them to health if such be His holy will. This favor, we beg of you through your love for all children and mothers. Amen.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soldier and his family in need of prayer

I just received this from my homeschool e-mail group and was very touched by this request for prayer.

Prayer request for Gary and Cindy Hogan. Gary is serving in Iraq while his young wife is fighting cancer here.

Gary can be contacted through:
Bobby S. Briggs, MSgt, USAF
Flight Sergeant

Tough times don't last..,,,,,,Tough people do !!!
My name is Gary Hogan. Some of you receiving this know me, some do not. My wife, Cindy, is 32 years old and has just been diagnosed 3 days ago with stage 4 cervical cancer and her chances for survival are very slim. She was pregnant with our second child and had miscarried recently at 3 months, and now we know why. This is a request for you to forward this e-mail to everyone you know, asking for prayer. The more people that pray for her to be healed, the better.

Please pray and ask everyone you know to pray for the HEALING of Cindy and the removal of all cancer in her body, so she may enjoy all that life has to offer, and to continue to be the wonderful mother to our 5 year old son, Michael. The power of Prayer is unsurpassed.

I want the whole world to have her in their prayers the next few weeks. God will hear our cry. Please do not be offended by my plea...... This is only a request for your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this and helping with our request for healing! No words can express the power we have when we each do a little to come together.

Regards, Cindy's in-love husband - Gary
Thank you, and please send it to the far reaches of our world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We Were Nominated

Thanks to whoever nominated One Came Back for the Catholic Blog Awards. I'm so glad that people have been able to get positive benefits from this site. I'm thankful for all the wonderful contributors who make it possible. And, honestly really humbled to find this site on the list of nominated blogs among some of the real big fish in the Catholic Blogosphere. Like they say on the Oscars (or whatever) 'it is an honor just to be nominated'. - And I really do mean it. Thanks.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pray for Jenn D

Our contributor Jenn D is in the hospital with a broken leg. She has already had one surgery and is awaiting a second. Any prayers to speed her healing are greatly appreciated. Thanks

Friday, February 15, 2008

Prayer Request for Maureen

Please pray for my younger sister, Maureen, who recently sprained her ankle and has been unable to work at her full-time job. She was a single mother for over twenty years after leaving an abusive and seriously troubled marriage, but was married to a wonderful man this past year. They are currently having serious financial and health problems and are in need of a faith community. Please pray for physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual healing. God bless you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prayer Request for Collin

From Jane:
...You might remember that last summer I asked for prayers for my son's friend, Collin. Right after school was out, they discovered that he had stomach cancer, and at that time it was inoperable. So he went thru chemo until the fall when they did operate. Unfortunately, they couldn't get all the tumor, so he went back for more chemo - which just ended a couple weeks ago. We're all reeling from the news that the cancer has now spread. Please, please pray for Collin and his family. I just can't imagine his mother's heartache, and every time I kiss my 9 yr old good-night, I think of her and what she's facing. Thanks!


Four Requeests: Ora pro nobis!

Please pray for a dear friend who sufferings from scruplosity. Shre truly desires to love God and just needs some extra prayers.

Also, a mentor who witnessed the death of a friend. She did CPR, and he died. She feels guility.

For a priest who lost his faculties, that he will show respcet fro the bishop and stop causing disunity.

For myself and PBXVI and we continue applying for seminary.

Prayers please...

Just a quick message to keep everyone up to date with Emily’s progress. Tomorrow (Thursday) she will be having a MRI scan and xrays to see whether or not her cancer has come back. This news will have a major impact on how things pan out so please pray for her and inform any people who will intercede for her!

From Catholic Mom of 10

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for Ebeth's father - in - law who is in his 80's and has a respiratory infection.

2. Please pray for anniversary blessings for Ebeth and her husband, Doug, who will be celebrating their 15th anniversary on Wednesday, February 13.

Thank you!

Prayer For Employment

My father-in-law has been without a job for almost 10 months. He, even in his ripe old age, along with my not-quite-as-ripe mother-in-law are still parenting 6 of their 11 children at home. We are praying fervently that a job will present itself soon. Thanks for joining with us in lifting up this request.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Father-in-Law's Surgery Went Well

Although the surgery took longer and was more involved than anticipated, there were no complications and everything went well. He is now home from the hospital and well on the road to recovery. Thank you, God.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Prayer Request for Little Bryan

Cooper and Mom
Photo by Greg Sousa/ News Argus, N.C, Ed's son

Ed of In God's Country has requested prayers for little Cooper Bryan.

Lets pray for a Healing for little 4 year old Copper Bryan. Cooper shown here and his Mom Renee. Cooper who was diagnosed with an inoperable brainstem glioma on Aug. 31,2007, has not let his diagnosis slow him down at this year's Relay for Life Kids Honorary Chairman.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Please Pray for Father-in-Law

Tomorrow my father-in-law is having surgery to remove a cyst/tumor. Please pray for him that all goes well. Thank you.

Prayer Request for MM's Aunt

From an email by one of my blog's friends:
Dear All,

Please pray for my aunt who is in the ER tonight awaiting surgery for her punctured appendicitis (it has been punctured for 14 days she didnt know and thought all this time it was stomach flu etc)! So its kinda serious, she low blood weight count at the moment so surgery could be late tonite or early tomorrow.
Pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery please, she has 3 young boys.

Thank you and have a blessed lenten season!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Making the World a Better Place

Jean at Catholic Fire has awarded One Came Back with this new award. The award was created by Deb of Ukok's Place.

The rules to accepting this award are simple:
1. Use Ukok’s ‘You make the world a better place’ image (above) in your post
2. Link to Ukok’s Place
3. Award 5 bloggers.

As with the Excellent Blogging award I'm going to award this to all the people who are contributors to this blog. One Came Back is a joint effort and all the people involved certainly do their part on a regular basis to make the world a better place.

Praise Report - From Mary

I received the following two emails from Mary today:
shawn's baby girl addison marie is here. 7 lbs, 2 oz. mother, daddy and baby are all doing well. gramma's kinda shaky.
thank you so much for all your prayers. i can't even begin to tell you how much i appreciate it. and shawn sends her thanks, too, for your prayers, your kindness and your support.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Prayer Request for Mary's Daughter

I received the following email a few minutes ago:
please esther, ask your group to pray for my daughter. she's 36, in her first pregnancy. she's had problems with blood pressure and blood sugar all along. now she's developed pre-eclampsia, and they are delivering the baby by c-section tomorrow morning. i know that the intercession of our lady, st anne, st elizabeth, hannah and sarah are all that have kept her going this long, and thanks to them the baby will only be a month early. please ask everyone you know to pray tonight and tomorrow morning for the safety of my daughter, shawn, and her baby daughter, addison.

thank you.


Please keep Shawn and her baby Addison in your prayers! Thank you.

A Prayer update

For Grace and her family. Her husband Jack passed away yesterday (2/3)after a 3 month fight with cancer.

Prayer Request for Melissa H.

From Kathy at the Daily Grotto Please visit her blog to read the urgent prayer request.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Prayers please

Please remember the son of my cousin in your prayers. He was in a serious accident early this morning with a friend on leave from the military. The soldier was killed in the accident and David was seriously injured.

Pray for Healing

Isabella M. left the following prayer request in the comments:
Please pray for my grandfather who in November was diagnosed with cancer and had a stroke a week ago and had just recently had a heart attack. Please pray for him and I'll do the same for you.

Prayer Request for Todd - Update

Updated: Please pray for the repose of the soul of our friend. May God console his wife.

Please pray for our friend Todd who has had a terrible accident.
Please pray for his inconsolable wife.
Thank you so much.

Friday, February 1, 2008

For My Aunty Carmen

Please keep my Aunty Carmen in your prayers. My mom says she is very sick with what appears to be a severe case of the flu. Thanks so much!

Pray for Peace for Ken

Ken left a prayer request in the comments:

I am praying and asking for your support of as regards the woman I love, Dania. She has turned away from me and the visions and path laid before us because of fears that have nothing to do with me but have to do with the past. These fear were fanned by those who are of the world and don't respect grace nor even know me. I love her with all my heart and have never shared as powerful a connection nor as wonderous an ongoing series of prophetic visions with another as I have with her. I miss her dearly I ask that her fears be healed powerfully and the deceptions be seen for what they are. I ask that the Lord reveal that I would never in a million years do what I am accused of. I ask that a powerful reconciliation and miracle of love be brought to this situation. I ask on bended knees and with humble faith both the Lord and you, prayer warriors, that these intentions and prayers be recognized and empowered to manifest.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May the Lord be there for all on this board and all who cry out for justice, love and peace.

Amen and Amen