Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thanks, St. Francis, For the Quick Help - On Your Feast Day

I got the following e-mail today:

I was doing a search today, October 4th, looking for a special prayer to say thank you to St Francis for a prayer answered and I came upon your blog.
I probably will not be a regular contributor, but I would like to publically post a great big thank you to St Francis for his intercession. (or you can post this if you would rather)
This morning at mass I asked St Francis to please do what he could to help my future son-in-law to finally pin down a job. He has been searching for quite some time and both he and my daughter are quite frazzled over it. In one and a half hours later I received a phone call from my daughter telling me that he just got hired and begins immediately! Wow! That's what I call fast!
Thank you, St Francis and may we all have the grace to follow Jesus more closely as we see your example!

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