Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pray for Strength and Understanding

Natalie left the following prayer request in the comments:
Natalie has left a new comment on your post "To Request Prayers":

I am amazed that I stumbled on this website. I do believe in P.U.S.H.(PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS) I am 25, and I went through health issues with a cancerous tumor this year. And I am grateful to say God healed me. I give all the glory to him. I prayed and fasted like I have never done.

Today I am going through a tough time in my life. I have been talking to this man for a while, whom I believe is a good man of God, and we have been heading in the path of relationship(thats how I saw and understood his actions). Now, is seems he's scared of committment. We had a big argument 6 weeks ago, and since then things haven't been the same. There's just been tension. I had a feeling he would be the one for me. And I don't know if I am losing hope/faith in what I though would have turned into marriage and lasted forever, or he's just not the one.

Please pray for me, as I don't know what to pray for at times. Should I pray for him(as in our relationship), or should I move on. I have been crying because I don't know what to do as I really like this man.

I read stories of marriages healed, and I am hopeful. But I don't know what I should be hopeful for apart from I know and believe in my heart that God will work it all out. Please pray for me. Please pray for peace for me, please pray for me to hear God when he talks to me. Please pray for the right man to come into my life. Please pray for the right man to be a man of God, who would love me like the love in 1st Corinthians 13, and for him not to be scared. for I know the Bible says true love casts out fear. Please pray for me... I really need your prayers. Maybe this man is the man for me, and if/when he comes back, please pray for my heart to be soften and be able to take him with all his flaws, and even though I am very hurt right now, let me be healed from his hurt. Please pray for me. Thanks.

We'll be praying for you, Natalie.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

One friend coming home

Our friend, Bob, who had the brain tumor removed, is coming home today! He has lots of therapy to do, but each day there's more of the "old Bob" coming through.
Thank you for your prayers

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pray for Healing in a Relationship

The following prayer request was left in the comments:
I'd like to request your prayers and intentions for reconciliation between myself and my significant other, LH. God has made it clear to me that this man is my partner and husband. We had a serious rift in our relationship a little over a month ago. Since then we have re-connected but not truly reconciled fully in love and truth, in large part because of our past hurts and fears to truly love again. I ask that you pray that God heal our union, strengthen our love, and rebuild, restore and transform our friendship and relationship into one of harmony, love, mutual respect, commitment and joy. May we transcend our fears and be all that God has created us to be together.
Thank you so much for your prayers. love, F.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pray for Renewed Love Between Sisters

Maricar has left the following prayer request:

Hi! Please help pray that the Lord will grant reconciliation between me and my younger sister. We had a misunderstanding and despite my attempts of trying to reconcile with her (though it isn't really my fault), she's still acting cold towards me and her actions and facial expressions show that she's not happy to have me around. I don't know what else to do. I've done everything I could, even swallowing my pride, to bring peace between the 2 of us but she isn't responding well. My sister means a lot to me and I hate to see my mom sad that we aren't getting along well. It pains me too that she doesn't seem to respect me as her older sister and that she just let a small misunderstanding ruin our relationship. I'm sick and tired of always crying and feeling sad about this. Please help me pray. Thank you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Prayers for my sister

Please keep my sister in your prayers. She just received news that her breast mammogram and ultrasound look very suspicious for a malignancy that may have even already spread. We just lived through the cancer death of my mother and so this new news is a little hard to take.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request for Little Sean Patrick

Please keep 6 year old Sean Patrick in your prayers. He is in critical condition following a serious of seizures. Please keep his family in your prayers too. This is a very difficult time for them all. Thank you.

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