Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reconciliation Granted

Last month Denise requested prayers for reconciliation with a person in her life. Today she left the following comment in that post. I'm posting it here so I can be sure that everyone sees it.

Dear friends,
Does God answer prayers, or what?! I am so happy and humbled beyond belief, to report that this prayer was granted. Reconciliation has occured. I can't belive it, but then again how can I doubt that all things are possible with God?!...and this wonderful blessed group of prayer warrior(women) :-)

Let me tell you also, that the intercession of Gwen Coniker is very powerful. (foundress of Catholic Familyland; her cause has been opened). I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. She is well on her way to Sainthood!

God bless you all!

How wonderful to see the power of prayer at work. Thank you God.

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Esther said...

That is wonderful news Denise!!