Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Prayer Answered

Although, I didn't request prayers and, it may not be life shattering, I did want to share with you an instance of God answering our prayers.

Last evening our dryer stopped drying the clothes. As with all unforeseen things, it did not come at a good time. Too many bills and expenses right now. We had the serviceman come in a few months ago and he changed the heating element. It was supposed to last a good long time.

Since I had no choice, I called them again and was told the final bill would be somewhere in the area of $250.00! Ouch, that hurt!

I lost a lot of sleep last night thinking of the amount we would have to pay.

Finally, I just stopped worrying and asked God to help me. I just put it in His hands.

Today, the nicest serviceman showed up. He told me what needed to be done. I asked him if it was going to be as expensive as the last time. He said "no problem" And, he didn't charge us!

Thank you dear Lord for answering my prayers!

I did thank this nice man by giving him a bag of fresh fruit. He seemed very pleased :-)


Easter said...

Esther, what a lovely experience of God's awesome goodness and providence... God be praised! Thank you for sharing.

Esther said...

Thanks Easter!

green mom for Jesus said...

thanks for sharing that. We often times box God in to Big things. He wants to hear from us in the small things too.
God bless you.
Pray for the family of a 9-year old girl who drowned a week ago that they may know God's peace through this terrible tragedy.