Monday, October 1, 2007

Thanks for the Help, St. Anthony

It's a horrible feeling to realize that the wedding ring you never take off is not on your finger. And you're at the kids school, after having walked there, and when was the last time you saw it anyway?

So, while feeling this horrible feeling, I searched the ground on the way home, all the time praying to St. Anthony to help me out here. "You were doing laundry this morning, maybe it's in the washer". Thanks for the suggestion, St. Anthony. I got home and checked. Not in the washer.

One other thought had come into my head while walking home. "Check your bed." And I did. I pulled back the sheets and there was the ring. In bed. Wow. Thanks for the suggestion, St. Anthony. I'm feeling much better now.


Denise said...

Phew! wow - Praise God! I'm so glad to hear this great news!
Good going Brother Anthony!


Esther said...

Thank God! The similar thing happened to Joey with regard to the Miraculous Medal we gave him as his Confirmation present. He found it under his bed a few days later. We rely heavily on St. Anthony.