Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Prayers For A Daughter...

Ladies *and Gents?!* ~
This was a reply to one of my comments on my Catholic Blog, and while I was reading, it suddenly occurred to me that, not only would it be a good thing for me to pray for this woman's daughter, but it would be a good thing for all of us...
She had posted an Anon. comment to me and when I responded, she wrote back, giving me her name and a very friendly email! :) Don't you just love meeting people through the Internet, esp. when they might need our prayers?!? 
God is so good to set His Providence at just the right "speed"...Jenn.*JMJ* 
PS ~ She reminds me of the woman who pressured the judge in the parable and got exactly what she wanted! ;) ~
"Hi again! I have just been reading some of your previous "musings" and realized that we are probably exactly in the same part of our lives! My husband and I just celebrated our 32nd anniversary Oct. 2nd. We have 3 daughters--two married and one to be married next June. Ages 30, 27 and 21. Our oldest daughter has had Raynaud's Syndrome and Scleroderma for 23 of those 30 years. Yet, she is a wife, mother of 3 little ones and a published author of poetry!! We have been praying for her for so long that, when I heard of this novena, I knew that it was the next step. After 23 years, sometimes I wonder if I should stop asking God to heal her? Is the 23 years His answer?? But, as a mother, I just can't stop hoping--and asking. She is in constant pain, has lost one finger to the illness and all the rest of her fingers and toes are compromised. She never complains. She is a model of faith to all who meet her. She is the strongest woman I know. Maybe I could ask another mom and grandma (i.e. YOU) to say a prayer for her too? Thank you.

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