Monday, April 27, 2009

Prayer Request for John - "I am Dying"

My friend Ed shared John's story on his blog:

ALS/MND is a terminal disease with no known cure, it can strike women/men in the mid term of their life. Though no reason or why this disease strikes, it is mostly in men. It's nickname is "The Thief", a muscle and nerve disease. It is a breakdown in communication between the brain and nerves that command the muscles. Walking, talking, eating are some of the areas that are affected. Simple things like turning a key, holding a face cloth, taking a shower, dressing/undressing, hands in and out of pockets, buttoning, zippering become major tasks. Everyone is different, but with me, speaking has become labored. Go to my website; Tomorrow is Not Mine check out the variety of links, information and views. If my site can help one person with ALS/MND or someone you might know that might have it, to me it is worth it!

Please pray for my family, and may God have mercy on me.

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Faithful Servant said...

john you are definitely in my prayers. May the Lord give you healing and strength.