Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pray for Help for Life Problems

Rafaelle left the following prayer request:
Please pray for the people that are hurting and working against Rafael and I reconciling the love we share. Please grant him the vision and wisdom to overcome his pride and return home with the little guy who is the world to me. Please also pray that I find and can afford a more suitable place to live and that the money to do so comes quickly and I am successful in getting rid of any access in my life that is blocking my happiness. Please pray for the owners of this place I live in now that they stop harrassing and intimidating and that the real estate agent finds greater peace in her life too and discontinues disrupting my life and others and becomes more focused on positive resolutions instead of anger and hate. Most of all give me strength, wisdom and courage and...patience to do the right thing and have faith as I did when I met Rafael and our life was so full of joy, respect and love. Amen

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