Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pray for a Successful Job Interview

The following prayer request was left in the comments:

Please pray for my husband, Alan, as he is interviewing for a job with a local cable company. This is a great opportunity, one in which he can learn new skills and one that will provide benefits for our family. My husband lost his job during the summer of 2008 and I lost mine a week before Thanksgiving 2009. We have a six year old son who is desperately waiting for us to find work so we can bring joy back into this family. I need your prayers. He is interviewing right now. Please pray for the person interviewing him also and anyone else making hiring decisions for him. Thank you!

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Michael said...

I think by this time the interview would have been finished and got a success in that. Congrats for the job and all the best for starting his career and praying for your family for the joy to continue always. There are so many things the person has to keep in mind before attending any job interview. Being well organized for each interview will assist to lessen the stress and it enhances the chances of getting the perfect job.