Saturday, December 1, 2007

Prayer Request for Danielle and Family

From my friend Danielle:
Hi dear friends
We found out Larry's store will be closing and there is NO guarantee he will have a job elsewhere with this company. Larry loves this job and with his age and lack of a degree it is always hard and scary as to if and when he'll get another job.
I am working my Avon business (and love it) and I started to work for sister and her husband at their restaurant
in the coatroom. (tips only).
I will be applying for a job with HeadStart so I'll be working 3 jobs soon.
Thanks for letting me plead for prayers.
I Love you all and always think of and pray for you
God Bless You
Jesus, I Trust In You !

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Easter A. said...

Esther, do they reside here in Hawaii. I know how difficult life is for so many people here. Many have to work 2 jobs or more. God rescue them and bless them!