Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pray for Reconciliation

Eina left the following prayer request in the comments:
Please Pray for Johan and I. I care about him a lot and he is very important to me. We had a huge falling out in December and even though I have made several attempts to reconcile and bring peace he will not accept it. Please pray for a forgiving heart for us both that we can forgive each other and restore our friendship making it stronger than it was. I love Johan a lot and I care about him. I miss our friendship and would like to salvage what we had. Please pray for peace between Johan, his family, friends and I. We all used to love each other and they showed me that they do not care about me and have worked hard to break up my relationship with Johan. Please pray for peace, love, trust and forgiveness between all of us. I care about all of them still and don't want to fight with any of them. I have strived so hard for peace but they keep throwing my efforts back in my face. I need God's help and intervention in this brokenness to heal the love, trust, friendship between Johan and I and his family and friends. Thank you for your prayers. I have been praying all year and I really do want peace between us. Please pray for us. Amen.


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