Saturday, May 3, 2008

Prayers for my Grandma V.
Any prayers you guys could give for my grandma "V." would be very much appreciated. She has recently been put back on Chemo-Therapy after several years of her breast cancer being steady, as the cancer numbers have been going up for the past several months. I visited her today and she is not doing well. She is so weak and sick she can't really get out of bed. She suffers many other health issues as well. She has Scleroderma (a tissue disease), borderline diabetes, bad arthritis, some nerve problems in her feet, sleep apnea, and can easily suffer from depression as well. Also, recently she has some sore on her arm which has given her a lot of pain. Praise the Lord she is a good Catholic, but please pray that she would stay close to Jesus through her suffering which she endures 24/7. After her last chemo treatment a few days ago, she could barely talk as she was so out of energy. It almost seems like the chemo will kill her quicker than the cancer! Please pray for her and for our family who is taking care of her. Thank you, and I will pray for you all as well!

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Jean M. Heimann said...

Lifting up your dear grandma in prayer.