Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pray for Reconciliation

The following prayer request was left in the comments:

My name is Maria. I love a man whose heart seems to have distanced himself from my children and me. I ache for our reconciliation. We have been apart for over a half year. I feel he may have met someone else and only calls me as an obligation. I long for our monogamous and exclusive relationship to come back. I beg for your prayers and those of our Lord and Saints. Please pray for his heart to find his way back to us and marry. I love him so much. My children love him just as much. Please rekindle his heart and bring him back.

(Note: Maria, if you are the same person who left the anonymous comment that was recently posted here (the prayer requests are strikingly similar) please leave a comment to that effect, and I'll combine these two requests. Thank you)

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