Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Offer You My Sufferings

Since many of the prayer requests are for people suffering, I thought it appropriate to share the following prayer with you:

I offer You my suffering

Lord Jesus, I can no longer do many things.
My disease has deprived me of energy.
It is difficult not to be able to work!
I wish to offer You my daily suffering.
It is on the cross that You saved us all.
Lord, take my cross and put it on Yours.
I offer my pain for those that are in need;
for the work of mothers and fathers,
for missionaries,
for the leaders of the Church,
and for all who are called to announce Your Gospel.
I offer my pain for those who are more ill than I
and particularly for those who will join You soon.

Praying is about all that I can do at the moment,
but I do it wholeheartedly.
It is a way for me to work for You,
so that I am useful to others.

Jules Beaulac

Shared by my friend Sue via email

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