Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Please Pray for Non-believers

There's a very sad story in the news lately about a man who has decided to make a point about the Eucharist by purposefully defiling it. I will not link to any articles about it or give his name because I don't want unnecessary attention on this blog due to it.

I'm saddened by this man's hatred and lack of respect for fellow people - regardless if he shares in the same belief.

But this is when I understand what Jesus meant about "turn the other cheek." Fighting this man will not make him change his mind. Yelling at him will not make him change his mind. But perhaps if we love him and pray for him he will come to realize that it is not simply a 'cracker' he is talking about - but the Real Presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Perhaps if love is shown to this man - even though he is showing none to us - he will change his ways. Perhaps he won't. But if he doesn't, we can at least stand before our Lord and say, "I did not hate him. I loved him, even as I despised his actions, and I tried to affect a change in him through prayer." Isn't that what Jesus asks of us. Is it easy? No. He wouldn't have to ask us to do it if it were easy.

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