Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pray for Caitlyn

Kimberly has left the following prayer request:


Would you please pray for my daughter, Caitlin? Caitlin has just been diagnosed with a complex breast cyst. This is a potentially cancerous cyst and a needle aspiration will be conducted on Thursday. I'm doing all I can to keep her calm, telling her that it's probably nothing, but I have to admit, I'm a bit worried. Caitlin is not currently practicing her faith and is in desperate need of confession. May God in His infinite mercy use this worrisome time as a means to her complete and total reversion! Thanking you in advance for your powerful prayers!!

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kimberly said...

I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for Caitlin. She went in for the needle biopsy and when the ultrasound technician looked at the cyst he had to confer with the radiologist and doctor. Apparently, the cyst was no longer a complex cyst, nor was it actually a cyst at all! Praise God, they sent her home and apologized for the two weeks of worry. I'm continuing to encourage Caitlin to go to confession and make an act of thanksgiving for this great grace. Thank you all for your prayers!