Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pray for Reconciliation

The following prayer request was left by an anonymous commenter:

Dear Spiritual Friends~
I read and follow this often. I pray for you always and know that the Lord our God always listens, but only with his calendar does He deliver. I humbly ask you to pray to the Almighty for my children and me. We have found a wonderful man in our life and he has left us. He won't call or write. It is over a big misunderstanding. We love him very much and want to spend our lives with him. Please ask God to go to him and show him the way back to us. We are hurting very badly and know he would complete our family.
Thank you for helping us.


Easter A. said...

I will have special prayers for you at Mass, dear lady. My advice for you is to pray constantly, unceasingly, dear mom, and read the bible daily for comfort and strength. I have been married for many years now. Nothing is ever perfect, but God is. And he is capable of making miracles. For nothing is impossible to him, right? Luke 1. In the midst of your crisis and pain, know that you are loved by your Creator.

Thank you for coming here. I am happy you trust us enough to be there for you...

God bless you abundantly!

Easter A. said...

And lots and lots of hugs for you!!!