Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prayer Request for Two Priests

Prayer Request

From the leader of our Rosary Calendar. Father Duffy is a priest here in Hawaii and also a good friend of the Catholic homeschoolers.

Dear Rosary Calendar Members,

Two of Our Lady of Fatima Rosary Calendar priest are in need of prayers.

Fr. Duffy who is 99 years old and has been a great supporter of First Saturday devotion. He was removed from his apartment and placed in a nursing facility and now is in the hospital with pneumonia. It appears he is going down daily. Please pray for Our Lady & St. Joseph to be with him during this time.

Fr. Svoboda, who is in his 90's and has been a great Rosary Calendar supporter. He also has been removed from his surroundings and is in a nursing facility...

We pray for our priest. These are very tough times for them. God please give them the grace of courage and perseverance during these times.

They have been strong defenders of our Catholic Faith and loyal servants to Mother Church. For us they have been part of our family.

Thank you,
mary ann

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