Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pray for Reconciliation

Deidra left the following prayer request in the comments.

I have been faithfully praying for reconciliation between me and my daughter's father. It has been almost a year now that there has been a rift between us but my love for him has not died. I pray that we both may leave behind the hurt and pain we have caused one another. God has blessed me with unconditional love for him. Please join me in prayer for the Lord to touch his heart and bring him back into me and my daughter;s life. She is 13 months and doesn't know her dad. I pray that the Lord touches his heart with our love. That we may become a family santified on the Lord. Thanks in advance for your prayers and encouragement.

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Ana Laura said...

Hi Deidra,
This is a friend in the lord, I had a bad fight with my husband and I searched within the lord to find the answer and I found out that the way I had been praying was only for me I know that your love is unconditional for him and that you want him home but, pray to the lord if you are a blessing for him in his life also sometimes the "WE" want "WE" need takes over but maybe god has another plan in our lives and we can't see passed what we want so be patient and content by the same time God will answer only on his time and what he knows that we do need. May god bless you and keep you safe. Your friend in the lord.