Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thanks for Prayers - They're Working

Edited to add: Additional prayers are requested because the situation hasn't fully resolved yet. Thanks.

I was delighted to get this comment today, because the point of this blog is supposed to be thanks for prayers answered, and so seldom do we see the results of the prayers. But in this case, a prayer request was posted the other day, and the results were almost immediate. Thanks be to God.

My prayer for a reconciliation with FC was just posted tonight. Just hours before it was posted I received a brief email from my friend that simply said "thank you" for a kind message I had sent him. This is the first response he has sent to me in over a month, and I thank God and all those on this blog who are praying for me. I have answered my friend with an explicit offer to reconcile our differences. Please continue your prayers, as they are definitely helping to restore love, faith and peace between us which will be extended to our whole world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, which was breaking. I have hope for the first time.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting my original prayer request and my prayer of thanksgiving. Could you please also tag this under "continued prayers" as I await a response to my more explicit request to to my friend for reconciliation and healing in our relationship? Thanks you again.

Anne said...

After my initial request for prayers concerning my special friendship with FC was answered,I requested continued prayer for a complete healing of this relationship. I know that God does not do things "half way," and I truly believe that with the continued support of this group there will be one more proof that peace is possible in this world. He has not responded to my reaching out for a total renewal of our friendship, and I pray that your prayers will continue with mine, that his heart may be opened and all fear and anger be dissolved. I praise God for you all. Anne