Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pray for Addison

The following prayer request was left in the comments:

Seven weeks ago I had a daughter. Her name is Addison Smith. She is my first baby. Unfortunately, she has spent much of her young life in the hospital fighting various infections. It is due to these hospital visits that I thought to post today. While at the hospital with my daughter, I received some very upsetting information about terrible things that "might" be wrong with my daughter, but was told I would just have to "wait and see." Of course, I was not just going to sit around and wait and since that time I have been praying tirelessly that the Lord would take away from my daughter any physical or neurological damage, illness, detriment, disease or dysfunction. Of all the prayers I have made in my life I have never prayed harder for anything. At times, I have doubts and find it hard to have the faith that I feel is required for the Lord to intercede on my daughter's behalf, but I never stop praying. I am writing now to ask you to pray for Addison as well. Please pray that she will be healed and that there will be no long term neurological or physical effects for Addison in the future. I know that through faith and prayer this is possible.

God Bless.
Suzanne Smith

Our prayers are with you, Suzanne.

Edited to add: due to a string of spam comments, I am closing comments on this post. We continue to pray for Addison.

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