Friday, August 8, 2008

Pilgrims Killed and Injured in Texas

MM brought this tragedy to my attention:

Tragic news concerning Viet Catholics from my area, Houston.

Please pray for all the victims and their families.

The bus that crashed in North Texas was en route to the Marian Days festival in Carthage , Mo. The annual festival -- which honors the Virgin Mary, patron saint of refugees -- typically draws about 50,000 Vietnamese-American worshipers to that tiny Ozark town.

The religious observance and festival grew out of the arrival of 185 Vietnamese refugees, who were taken to Fort Chaffee , Ark. , after the 1975 fall of Saigon .

They were allowed the use of a vacant seminary at Carthage , which grew into the site of a large Vietnamese congregation.

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Doug and Elizabeth said...

Hmm, I wondered about that, something told me that it was brothers and sisters in Christ's Church that were lost and hurt.

So many prayers for them!