Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pray for Repose of a Soul

Yesterday Laura the Crazy Mama requested prayers for a family friend who was dying of cancer. Today she requests prayers as Joe made his final journey.

Our dear family and friends,
For many years, Joe has started his day with a simple, humble prayer: 'Good morning, God. This is Joe. Please be with me today.'

Last night at 9:52 PM, completely surrounded by his family, God replied: 'Hi, Joe. This is God. Please be with me today.' Joe peacefully raised his hands, brought them back towards his chest, took his last breath, and slipped from our arms into God's arms.

We were up for many hours, watching as the full moon became brighter and brighter. Joe's journey has come full circle.

We will meet with the funeral home this afternoon and post the arrangements on this site.

Thank your for sharing this journey with us.
The Maurer family

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