Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friend in need of help

An anonymous poster left the following prayer request on behalf of a friend:
Please pray for my friend, she is in desperate need of a revelation. There is a man who I believe is a scam artist in her life and it is like he has her under his spell. She is disabled and has a very kind heart,he has her suckered in by the fact that she will recieve her money very soon, but she has to keep on giving him more money to help him with fees and to keep his cell phone on and the list goes on & on. I have tried to prove to her that he is just using her and that if he were a real business man he would not need her help he would be able to take out a business loan or work somewhere and get these things for himself. He has even taken over her house and is using it for his office space leaving her with no where to go, She has to spend nights going from place to place like a vagrant because he has convinced her that he needs the full use of her house for his business dealings.He tells her he conducts his business meetings there etc. and has to make important phone calls and has her thinking it would be rude of her to be present for theses meetings in her own bedroom, yet she is a board member in this business. Her children and I have tried to convince her to put a stop to it but she won't. Please pray the blinders come off and she sees that the payoff is not going to come

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