Friday, July 30, 2010

Healing in Relationship Needed

Christine left the following prayer request:
Hi all,
I have been struggling with my own prayers and decided to put in a prayer request.

I have separated from a great man in my life that I now believe God has given me since December 2009. While I knew he was the right one, I had allowed negativity to cloud my judgement and behaviour, and led to his departure.

The months that followed, I had agonized and continued to be negative and suspicious of his motives. But praying not only for my recovery but also thanking for him has made me see how much I had meant to him and his efforts to help me. But I was continuously pushing him away. Now that this is clear, all the other issues surrounding us in the past year that I have influence over were also resolved.

I pray for a chance to have him open his heart to me.
I pray for me to have wisdom to see his needs and thoughts.
I pray that we will be open and honest to each other in all circumstances as we are still friends.
I pray that we no longer have to be so withholding about everything, even if it hurts ourselves and the other because honesty would help us grow in the relationship and friendship.
I pray that the love that I now understand and feel albeit delayed, continues to be pure and without greed, jealousy or wrong reasons


Christine said...

Hi all,

Thank you for your prayers.
While we have not reconciled and I accepted that not all relationships broken will be restored, I would like to thank the uplifting towards my healing. In my more positive and calm state, I have realized that he too is very hurt and deemed helpless by the gravity of the situation. As such he would also need time and space to heal.
For now we are friends, although distant and still thredding around each other. We sometimes open up but retreat subsequently out of fear. I continue to pray that we would begin to open up again, heal, and know that God knows the best way to handle this.
In the past week he has talked about moving away, and while I had in the past months been able to live independently and be unaffected, I now also realized that this is the man I can no longer live without. We had known each other for 8 years, with the last 4 being - 2 years in a loving relationship and another 2 trying to grapple when I slipped into depression. I have since realized that the separation is meant to help me overcome the depression and I believe I have almost. I am certain I am a stronger and better person now.

Christine said...

Throughout this time, I've continuously paid for peace and for guidance. So far I've been able to have answers along the way.

Christine said...

Hi praying friends,

I have found better acceptance that I had been with this man at the wrong point of my life, and while he was very good and lived in godliness, I was not.
Now that I have been able to see through prayer that I had much to grow upon on my own, and seeing how well he has been without me as a burden, I have found in myself to accept and let go.
Thank you for all your thought and prayers. I will continue to grow and one day I shall find someone who could carry me through.

Join me as I pray for my friend who continues to be dear to me. As I pray in thanksgiving for the strength that he has, for the lesson he has shared, for giving me a family which I had denounced, for sharing his life as the highlight of my 20s. I pray in the same manner that he has wished for me, that if we were not to be ready for each other, we would step aside, and should one be able to find love, the other would continue to be there and be happy. That we would continue living for ourselves and the other as that's the only way seem fit.

Thank you for loving me, when my heart was so closed. Thank you for showing me how to love and to open my heart, even though the time came after you were gone.