Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Neighbors Need Prayers

We have elderly neighbors on either side of us. They are all wonderful people who have delighted in the children's growth and accomplishments through the years. Earlier I request prayers for our left hand neighbor - and since she will soon be going in for heart surgery, she still needs all the prayers she can get.

Now I would like to request prayers for the neighbors on the other side. They are a wonderful couple who have been married more than 60 years. The husband will be 91 next month and he was recently diagnosed with dementia. It started slowly with forgetfulness. It expanded to the point where a few months ago he thought he was still working as a plumber and would go outside, not see his truck and get very upset and convinced it had been stolen. Day after day.

And it's gotten worse. I saw his wife this morning and when I asked how their Christmas was she said that everyone in the family had been sick - and that Charlie was worse. She couldn't tell me much because she started crying. But she did tell me that he is awfully confused these days - and no longer knows who she is.

It's heartbreaking and I don't really know how to help them other than to offer prayers. So - please, can all of you pray for Genn and Charlie. Thank you.