Saturday, January 5, 2008

Prayers needed for Carol

Carol, wife and mother of 2, has been fighting Multiple Myeloma, diagnosed April 27, 2007, with rapid height loss, and chemo. She has now had two 'stem cell transplants' done with her own cells. A MAJOR setback came when she broke her hip, and required surgery. She also developed a blood clot in her lung (dangerous, life-threatening). She spent some time on a ventilator while it cleared, along with blood thinners, and then also developed some internal bleeding, but they were not able to pinpoint the source...

Carol has recently made some improvement, but her prognosis is poor. However, the will to fight is still there and she has not given up! Because of the slight improvement overnight, her doctor has decided to push Carol to eat, and do breathing therapy and physical therapy. He said we will push her hard for the next three or four days to see if there is much improvement.

Please join me in lifting her up in prayer for strength, healing, perseverance, and peace. Please pray for an outpouring of God's graces upon her and for her acceptance of those graces. Also, please pray for her doctors and caregivers -- that they will be guided by the Holy Spirit in their actions and decisions and, like Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, give her compassionate, loving care. Please pray also for peace and comfort for her family.

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