Saturday, January 12, 2008

An update and a new request

Positive note: Our friend Rhoda is responding beautifully to the chemo treatment for the recurrence of cancer. It looks very good for her. She has tremendous faith (Greek Orthodox)

And now 3 other friends...I don't know what is happening in the world.

One couple in SD - Husband is being kept alive by blood transfusions because of aggressive cancer. There is no cure for it, and a decision has to be made re the treatments. She has deep faith (Catholic).

A close friend of my DH is waiting to hear the results from a biopsy.

A dear couple who now live in VA - husband used to work with mine - she has cancer all over her body. It hit fast and without warning at Christmas. She's already had surgery and is getting aggressive treatment from a great hospital. She feels good right now. Pray for her husband and 3 children (young adults). She has deep faith (Catholic). Her BIL is a priest and has already annointed her.

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