Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Prayer of Thanksgiving...

A prayer of thanksgiving to Almighty God for all His works are wonderful... My husband Michael is home from the hospital as of this past Monday, after spending three days there, and is feeling better than ever! After receiving four units of blood and receiving treatment for the ulcers that were causing his internal bleeding, he and I are most grateful to God and to Our Blessed Mother for all help received ~ many prayers answered... Sometimes we put off what we know we need to do so as not to cause worry to those we love; Mike is famous for doing this. However, God, in His mercy, has seen to it that the problems were taken care of in time! :) Thank-You, Lord, for Your kindness to my family! Thank-You, o Mary, for Your loving Motherhood! Thank-you, to all the Angels and Saints who prayed for my husband! And thank-you to all of my Sisters in Christ who did likewise! God bless us, everyone! ~ Amen.

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