Sunday, September 2, 2007

Prayer Request for a Very Sick Two Year Old Child

This one was also shared by Sue Cifelli. BTW, she includes the person requesting the prayer, email so that we could send a message of encouragement.
Dear Prayer Warriors round the world,

Urgent prayer request needed for 2 yr old Brendon Casselli which has been battling leukemia for his 2 years of life. Doctors say 2-3 weeks to live per one of my parishioners at church as of this morning.

I am asking that everyone send their guardian angel to his bedside to say the Divine Mercy chaplet along with his guardian angel, Our Lady and all the heavenly angels and saints.

From what I have been told this morning, there is one chance left of bone marrow transplant, which he has a perfect match, but the pain will be unbearable. The parents have a tremendous faith. His father is a NYC policeman.

I ask all to join me in storming heaven for this child and family in faith that God will hear our prayers. And my you be blessed abundantly for doing so.


Jo Ann RIggio, RN

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