Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A homeschool family if eight needs help!

On Saturday afternoon September 22 some cowardly, ignorant vandals waited until a mother and her six children left the house to go grocery shopping
The oldest child is aged 12 and the youngest 2 years.

They then broke in and showed their character by working to destroy the interior of the house.

They spray painted cupboards and appliances with obscenities.

Using a pickaxe they ruined the vinyl floors.

They dumped paint from the upstairs children’s bedroom that was being repainted and streamed it throughout the house.

They used a pellet gun to shoot out most of the windows from the inside.

They smashed the commodes and sinks in the bathrooms.

They used a pick to damage the refrigerators and the washers and dryers.

Every major appliance in the house was damaged. They even threw the heavy food mixer from the kitchen down the basement steps.

They not only pulled out all drawers and dumped them, but then stomped on them for their total destruction.

They broke every ceiling fan off, broke every mirror and overturned every piece of furniture after slashing and spray painting most of the pieces.

Of course they stole the small valuables of the family, but they must have been very disappointed with the utter lack of luxury items to steal.

Please call the Police Dept of the City of New Franklin Ohio if you have information regarding this vandalism.

These individuals must be caught by the police. Their actions show that this is not a childish act, but the sign of seriously disturbed individuals with dangerous anti-social tendencies. Calls to the police may be made anonymously. A donor has posted a $500 reward to the person who supplies the information that leads to the arrest of these perpetrators. The number of the New Franklin Police is 330.882.3281.

See the damage to their home on YouTube at the above link.

Also via my e-mail - a plea for help for this family and a little more about them:

Please tell your friends or ANYONE you want to about the following tragic situation. All of this information can be verified at the following website: There is a homeschool family of 6 children who are very private people and live far off the road. They have been the victims of what the police have said is the “worst vandalism of a residence” they have ever seen. Paint was poured everywhere. Obscenities were painted on the walls. Every single thing was either stolen or destroyed from their house. The police suspect 3-4 vandals to do so much damage. Every window was shot out. The fireplace was partially ripped from the wall. Their homeschool books were thrown and painted upon, beds were turned upside down and destroyed or painted, toys were destroyed. Interestingly, though, none of the religious statues or their First Holy Communion dresses for 2 of the girls were damaged in any way! The damage is so great (even the appliances that were left behind were destroyed) that this family is living in a hotel. They do have insurance, however, their need is immediate as they were robbed of thousands of dollars. They have to pay cash for everything as their identities are stolen.
This family is a great supporter of the Right to Life issues and this family is the daughter of Summit County Right to Life's president, Don Opphile. The Swiger family have a 1 year old son, and the other 5 children are all girls, the oldest is 12. They have tried to shield their children from the horror of this and would appreciate respect in this area. They do not want their children’s names in the public, however, any school books K – 6 could be donated to give the children something to do. The house will take at least 3 weeks to become livable, so they cannot take any large item donations. What they need the most is Cash, Gas Cards, or Gift Certificates for food or Target or Walmart. Their story will most likely make the local news channels. Their only hope is that someone will brag about the vandalism and therefore someone will turn them in- especially if they realize the extent of the damage they have done to this family’s life.

I truly hope that we can gather together and be a tremendous Christian witness to this family during this terrible time. May our Lord bring them closer to Jesus through all of this tragedy. Please contact Laura Frank with any question or donations ASAP. Thank you for your prayerful consideration. My number is 330-837-8002 or my e-mail is

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