Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Important Prayer Request from Jean

Can you please pray for this request from Jean as soon as possible? Thank you.
" Would you please pray for a full - time job for my husband Bill who has been laid off for seven months now? We have exhausted our savings and have no health insurance and do not have the money to make our house payment next month. We are putting all our trust in God, but are also in need of your prayer support at this time. Bill has had many interviews recently, but no job offers yet. Thank you and God bless you!"


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Easter said...

Hi Jean,
My husband was in a similar situation back in California.

My husband was jobless for a year and within the first 3 months of unemployment the Lord asked us to raise another child (we had 2 kids back then). Without hesitation we said "fiat" to God, even without knowing where food or rent money were going to come from. My husband got a job right before I delivered our baby!

You are a woman of faith. Continue to profess your faith and no matter what, always be obedient to our God. God rewards our obedience. Genesis 22:15-19.