Saturday, September 29, 2007

Prayers for a Grandmother

Jennifer sent an e-mail requesting prayers for her grandmother:

My grandmother had lung cancer sometime around the year 2000. She came out of it against all odds and has been fine until the last few months when her symptoms returned. She is exhausted, nauseated and dizzy all the time. Her chest has been hurting and she's had a difficult time breathing. She has been too scared to go to the doctor, but my mom made an appointment for her and is going to "drag" her in if she has to.

I am really worried because my grandmother pretty much holds our family together. My uncle (who is in his 50's and has liver disease) even LIVES with her. She takes care of everything and everyone and we are all so incredibly scared we might lose her. I just want her to be taken care of the way she has always taken care of us...

While I was talking to her on the phone tonight, she told me that she's scared and feeling so bad all the time. So, I told her about you guys and about the amazing results our prayers have made together over the years. I told her I'd go straight to my computer and post a special request just for her--that her body be healed and that her mind be at ease. She needs all the prayers she can get. Her name is Nancy Peake and she sees the oncologist this coming Monday. Thank you all so very much as always!


Easter said...

Hi Jeanne, I will include your grandmother to my Eucharist and Rosary Novena.

Easter said...

My comment was meant for Jennifer, not Jeanne. I'm sorry, Jennifer.