Sunday, October 14, 2007

Two Prayer Requests - Update from Jane

Received the following from Jane today. How appropriate regarding today's Gospel, wouldn't you say? On behalf of Jane and family, thank you dear Lord!
Thank you, Thank you . . . to allll of you who've been praying for Matt.
Praise God, he got a job!!!! YES - you read that right - he is Employed!!
He got a call late last week for a position on graveyard at one of our local canniers -
it's a sanitation position and only pays $8 - was supposed to be part time 5 hrs night.
But when he went for his first shift (Friday night) he found it that it IS full time 11pm-7am
Believe it or not - he's actually fine with that (quite a turn around from a year ago - lol)
This is a little better than our cannery in Stayton, as the one he's at is actually a re-pack
plant that carries a pretty steady base of employees and works year round, so this will
be good for him - both in esteem, experience and a little money in his pocket. He's
going to continue to look for something that has a future, but for now - woohoo - he's not
sitting alone in his room (in front of the computer) 24/7. :)
Thank you, to all of you, for your prayers and support!!!
Jane (who's still walking about 3' off the ground - bg)

and they are both from friends in a Catholic moms e-group I belong to:

1. From Jane: Matt has yet another interview this morning - - - a warehouse/delivery driver position about 15mi. from home.
Please pray that he Finally gets a chance to prove himself!!!
Thank you!

2. From Leah: Please pray hard that the doctor will listen to what I have to say and that I will have the courage to say what I need. Last night I was so hopeless and discouraged. I just have no hope that I will have answers. I have been discouraged so many times.
God bless you

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