Thursday, October 18, 2007

Prayer Request from Jerry Coniker of Catholic Familyland


Please pray for his granddaughter who was involved in a car accident. He may also appreciate an email.

This is a message for prayers for my granddaughter Elizabeth Clark, daughter of Sheri and Joe Clark.

Elizabeth was in a head-on car accident on September 27, which is Gwen's birthday. She is still suffering in the hospital. It is a miracle that she survived. Her ankle was twisted like a corkscrew - the doctors said it would have been better on her if it broke. They reset it after 3 ½ hour surgery and hopefully it proves successful. Also, one of the vertebrae in her neck was hit hard and they hope that they don't have to do surgery.

But the worst part is that because of the laceration in her liver, it is still not fully operating. They are trying to keep her vital signs stable. She is in deep pain.

At age 11, Elizabeth wrote the attached letter to her grandmother Gwen, on the day of her funeral. Elizabeth is a person who thinks of others before herself. She is an honor student, Student Body Vice President, president of the Key Club within the school and varsity tennis junior captain. She was going to the state championship for tennis. She does not drink and is truly considerate to everyone without exception. Over 300 of the student body at St. Joseph High School where she is a junior joined together to pray the Rosary of their own accord and since her accident, attendance for Eucharistic Adoration has increased.

Countless emails are coming to her assuring her of their prayers and thanking her for being who she is. She never knew that she was impacting so many people. Her brother and her cousins dressed up for the Prom but instead of going to the dance, they spent the early evening in the hospital with Elizabeth. Archbishop Dolan has called her three times and personally visited her in the hospital. Also, Cardinal Arinze is praying for her personally.

I am asking you to storm heaven for this 16 year old grandchild. She is offering her suffering for the other patients in the hospital particularly those who do not have a mother to attend to them like my daughter Sheri is attending to Elizabeth. She is also offering her suffering for her family and for our work.

Let us pray for the gift of zeal within the Family Apostolate at all levels. God is calling us to a much deeper commitment to the mission that can save family life throughout the world.

Thank you and may God bless you,

To Jesus, through Mary,
in union with St. Joseph,
Jerry Coniker
President/Co-Founder with wife Gwen

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Easter said...

Thanks for the post, Esther.

Elena said...

I so admire the Conikers. Gwen was a special inspiration. I will certainly pray for their granddaughter.