Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today's Gospel: One Came Back

Today's Gospel is the very one that inspired Christine to start this blog.

Here are a few homilies for today (listed by blog title, not homily title):

Praise and Bless by Friar Charles

A Friar's Life by Father Tom

Fr. J.C. Maximilian

Never be afraid to thank God for all that he has done for you!


Anonymous said...

I read THE SUNDAY MASS boooklet since I can't always get to Mass. IN TODAY'S MEDITATION, FR wrote that if there is only one prayer you can say, say 'thank you' to the Lord. So easy, but yet so hard for some to say.

Christ's joy,

Esther said...

Our priest's homily told us to spend some time at the end of the evening maybe with a favorite drink ;-) but more importantly, reflecting on our blessings and remembering to thank God for them. My family and I are going to start doing that tonight.
Thanks Barb for posting this and thank you Chris for this blog.

Charles of New Haven said...

Thanks for the link, and this wonderful blog of gratitude. Gratitude is the forceful edge of humility, thank God!