Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prayer Request - Sherri's Mom

The following is from a lady who used to belong to one of my e-groups:

As some of you know my moms cancer came back this time last year. She had her first diagnosis in Oct. 2000, took 6 chemo treatments and was declared in remission. Then August 2006 her reports came back that the cancer was again active. So she went through 6 more treatments and finished those up in April with another good report in May that all was well. She went back this past August and her blood work was elevated so we knew that something was up again - 4 months later. She had a CT scan done and it showed a lymph node still had cancer there. So they sent her last week for a PET scan which is very thorough. Today she went for the results of the PET and found that she has 3 lymph nodes with cancer and that it is a fast growing cancer. The one is in her abdomen where it was before, the other two are in her chest and left side of her neck. I am trying so hard not to let fear grip my heart! I am SO sick of cancer and of losing loved ones and friends to this nasty disease. She goes next Friday for her first chemo treatment and then will go back a week later for another treatment. Then it will be every 21 days. The last time she was so sick, lost her hair and just so many other little things. Please remember her in your prayers and pass her name on to all you know, your churches, friends and anyone that knows how to pray. I believe in the power of prayer and know that God can take care of this.

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Easter said...

I am praying for your mom...