Monday, August 27, 2007

Continued Prayers for Ellen

I had the opportunity to talk with Ellen today for a little bit. I had emailed her and told her that many will be praying for her throughout the internet. She called me by phone to extend her heartfelt thanks to all who will intercede for her. Even though she never met any of us, she is overwhelmed that people will pray for her.

Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. but she has to go in earlier for identification of lymph nodes.

She just wants tomorrow to be here and be over. Even though it is 21 hours away, it can seem like an eternity waiting for that clock to move. Many people have been calling her and trying to support her. She is so thankful but she is drained and numb. She has to talk with her son by phone tonight who is in the Navy and cannot be here for the surgery. Pray that go well.

So please remember her tomorrow, pray for her peace and strength to come upon her, that the Lord's strenghth and peace flow out of Him to her, pray for all those who will come in contact with her. Pray for her family to love her into healing. I know the Lord will be with her and angels will fill the operating room andprotect her during her surgery that all goes well.

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