Friday, August 17, 2007

Please Pray

This came my way through Laura.

One of the really great, homeschooling families named the Anderson's have 6 boys and only one girl named Laura. She is 15 and a super great gal. She is the second oldest and their family lives out in the country on the outskirts of town. Anyway, yesterday they (the boys, Laura, and some friends) were trap shooting in the yard and Laura went to re-load her shotgun. The gun was on safety but it accidentally went off, shooting a 15 year old friend (the nephew of a very dear friend of mine) in the shoulder and head. He for sure lost his left eye and they are all praying that he keeps sight in his right (he only sees shadows right now) there is one piece of shot in his brain but it's right on the edge and they are just going to leave it as it doesn't seem to be having any impact on anything. Please pray for both of these HUGE families.

We will indeed pray.
Mary, mother of God, pray for these families, that those who have been both hurt physically and mentally from this will always know that God's love will heal all their pains. Amen.
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Christine M said...

How horrible for everyone involved. I'll definitely pray for them.

Anne K said...

We Will pray.

~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~* said...

remembering these families @ Holy Mass today...