Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pray for James--his latest journal entry

I received this in an email and wanted to share it here so that this poor boy can receive all our prayers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

James has had a turn of health.His breathing woke Jim and I up this morning at 7am. It was not THE"rattle", but more of a rasp.I felt his head, and it was almost too hot for me to touch his head. The thermometer read 105.5 degrees. Jim rubbed his arm to wake him up to give him some Tylenol, and he immediately started gagging.He ended up vomiting all over the bathroom walls, floor and toilet before it subsided.We placed him back in the bed, and I applied the phenergan gel to his wrists. About 10 minutes later, I gave him the first chewable Tylenol, and within one minute, it was back up. all over himself and the bed.He then requested to be picked up so he could pee. only he could not void. Jim changed the sheets as I kept trying to get him to urinate, but nothing happened.We changed his clothes and placed him back in bed, where he would doze in and out of sleep for the next two hours.Once Miss Krista arrived, he woke up to tell her he was not experiencing any pain, but that he had been sick. His heart rate is high. She did hear some rhonchi is his upper airways; not sure if this was from the vomiting or if it could be cleared by coughing.He may have as little as a few days to a couple of weeks. or it could be tonight.He fell back asleep around 11:30 and slept until 4:30. He woke up with a small smile and another request to pee. this time, he voided 300cc. He then wanted to go sit on the couch and play a video game.He ended up vomiting two more times, and then started falling asleep around8pm.Jim carried him back to bed, and he is now back to sleep.He did get up to pee one more time; 150cc. He has not eaten anything all day.We request that you do not call the home. We have turned our home phone off in the bedroom, and trying to keep the cordless away from that area, so that it does not disturb him. He is startling easy.If you need to speak with us, please call our cell phones.Also, only immediate family at this time. Jim and I need our time with James, and are switching off between each other while grandparents and aunts/uncles are in the room.We covet your prayers.

May God have Mercy on his body.**

I have been trying to switch his website to another. we are having trouble with this server, and many people cannot access his journal or sign the GB. I am switching to

This starts immediately!

If you sign the GB there, do not subscribe to notifications at this time. I am trying to still upload his journal over the past 2.5 years, and I would hate for anyone to receive 50+ emails a day. thanks!
~Peace be with you~Pattie

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