Tuesday, August 14, 2007

For Heather from Bill

At this moment in time Heather is, without any degree of exaggeration, distraught: trembling, crying and dealing with fragile, raw nerves.

I left her in the parking lot of the Oncologist's offices. I hugged her and told her that we would come back to this spot and we would hug again when she was 69 and I was 79 years old-ten years from now.

The journey in front of her, to then and there, is going to be a difficult one. She will have to fight hard to get there. BUT she must fight. I tell you here and now that I would forgive anyone who chooses not to 'fight'. I really would. But it seems that the 'enemy' she has to fight is really only getting started against her. The cancer is so small and not so defined. They cant even go in to remove it because it is so small and in tiny bits and pieces.

So she must undergo six more months of chemo.

This news was shattering to her. She did not realize the ramifications of what the doctor was throwing at her. The doctor thought that she knew what she was walking into today That made it all the more difficult for her. She asked me along so that I could be there to support her and to ask some of the questions for her. She also had a pediatrician friend and neighbor come along. This was a doctor who had, successfully, fought a cancer in her past and so she knew some of the 'heavy' questions to ask and the oncologist was impressed with the doctor's knowledge and the questions she asked on Heather's behalf.

She held Heather and helped to dry her tears. I did my best to do that as well but the Good Doctor lady did a much better job than I.

Heather must go and get a 'Port' surgically 'installed' in her body and she must go through another six months of chemotherapy. She had an awful time last time-last year and now this again.

I will be a different drug--Avastin--a drug designed to cut of f blood supply to the tumors. I have heard of this drug and it appears to hold out great hope and promise to Cancer patients.

ANYWAY--Heather needs it ALL--support thoughts and prayers.

This lady is very spiritual and so it means a great deal to her to think that many people are praying for her.

Thank you


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