Saturday, August 25, 2007

St. Anthony Help me Please

Sometimes I feel that perhaps something is not important enough to pray for. For example that my poison ivy rash clears quickly. I do believe, however, that God wants us to rely on him for everything and I also believe we have many saints who are more than happy to pray for our needs - just as we are happy to pray for the needs of others when they ask us. St. Anthony is a favorite saint of mine. So many times when something is lost I find it shortly after saying a short prayer to him such as St. Anthony help me please. The other day I was looking for audio tapes I had borrowed for too long. I was ready to go on line to purchase new ones. My cousin was with me and she said, "We need St. Anthony." She began praying aloud for his help and immediately I found the tapes. I think God was telling us something! Thank you Lord for helping me find the tapes. Thank you for the intercession of your saints in our lives and thank you for hearing our prayer. Amen


Christine M said...

I think you are right - God does want us to rely on him in all things - both big and small.

And I've had St. Anthony help me too when something was lost.

I hope your poison ivy clears up soon. (Is there a patron saint of poison ivy?)

Anonymous said...

st anthony please help me
please pray for me

Anonymous said...

st. anthony help me please.
i belive in you.
i am going throug a hard time in my life . please pray for me..
please help me
show me the way

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you.
St Anthony is my favorite Saint too, he never failed us, I've lost so many things through out my life and he found them for me, I am greatful for him as my Saint, patron and role model, love him!

andrewandu said...

The Miracle Worker, Please Pray for me to the Lord our God... I have no job for more than 13 months... Please help me St.Anthony... Please Save me from this distress...

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Anthony, please help my husband get better, I don't know what else to do for him. I will start my novena today Tuesday, Dec.28,2010 and will continue for thirteen weeks.